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About HP Families

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  • HPISD’s educational philosophy has moved away from a traditional academic approach, toward a progressive and unproven approach

  • We should examine the results of technology-based learning vs. personal instruction, and work to decrease the dependency on technology and apps

  • We must remove biased/politically-charged apps, MAPS testing, and Character Strong/Purposeful People

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Restoring Academic Excellence at HPISD

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Who We Are

After a number of School Board presentations and conversations with individual trustees, a group of families decided to create a more active voice for HPISD parents - and the idea of HP Families was born. Founded in July of 2021, HP Families was created to serve as a voice for academic excellence, community values and responsible leadership in HPISD schools. We are committed to working alongside parents, teachers, and community members to advocate for common-sense, academic-focused solutions to improve our rankings and increase academic standards while striving for transparent and accountable representation from the HPISD School Board.

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