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Help us shine a light on deficiencies within HPISD's curriculum, management, or other areas that need attention by sharing your experiences below. We respect your privacy and assure you that all comments will remain completely anonymous.

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Concerning Stories from the District

My 9th grader can’t write a paper or even a paragraph.

HPISD Parent

Even my smartest kids can no longer do math.

Intermediate Teacher

My daughter is top 10% and is learning grammar from her ACT coach.

HPISD Parent

My six year old can't read.

HPISD Parent

If you {the teacher} is talking, the kids are not learning.

Instruction Coach

My oldest children learned one way while my youngest learned another - and now struggle.

HPISD Parent

My kids were 1-2 years behind when they moved to private school.

Former HPISD Parent

My 6th grade TAG math student required a tutor.

HPISD Parent

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