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Letters from HPISD Teachers


Another extremely alarming aspect of Units of Study is that its main purpose is clearly indoctrination, not ELA instruction. A liberal, leftist political agenda is presented as the only reasonable way of looking at the world, and our young, impressionable students are led to believe that this is how they ought to think, too, if they want to be responsible, compassionate citizens. This is unconscionable. Moral values, political views and religious beliefs should be taught by the parents at home, not by teachers in a public school. Our job as educators is to remain neutral and inclusive and to respect the diverse backgrounds of our students. We are there to teach our academic subjects to the best of our ability, not to spread divisive propaganda. 


I also find it equally concerning that we are not supposed to talk about what is working and what is not working, and why this might be? Rather, we are supposed to adhere to a program that does not support growth in reading and writing for our Highland Park students. It has also been told to teachers by an administrator, that if parents should ask about Lucy Calkins that we are to say we just use it as a resource, however that is not the case. It has been a forced curriculum and we have been told to follow it accordingly and not to deviate from it.


When I first started, teachers were respected and valued. We were an integral part of the decision making process when it came to programs and curriculum. In addition, administrators and members of the school board were accessible and on campuses. The administration worked with teams and schools instead of against. Today, teachers have raised concerns that have fallen on deaf ears. Instead of teachers being heard, respected, and trusted as the experts, we are part of a sheet on a clipboard to be checked on like our children.

We found a number of remarks in the public comment section of recent HP school board meetings that touch on issues important to our district.  


Please note, some of the speeches were given by community members and, in some instances, members of other local advocacy groups.  While HP Families is not affiliated with any other groups, we are generally supportive of efforts to reform literacy and curricula within HPISD.

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