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What's Going on in HPISD

Rankings and Standards are Dropping

HPISD is Boasting a 157 Place Drop in National Ranking.
We must hold our schools accountable for this significant decline in ranking. We must demand a higher standard of learning and commitment to traditional education, lest we see our schools slip further down the list.


HPISD has been downgraded from gold to silver status.


Failed Enrollment Push Leaves Budgets Strained

“We need approximately 8,000 students and subsequent additional revenue to cover the increased M&O.    We anticipate enrollment will reach 8,000 by 2019 — 2022 assuming growth follows the demographers moderate to high projections .”
-Tim Turner, CFO, HPISD 2015

Concrete Wall

In recent years, we've witnessed a steady and significant decline in academic performances and standards. Lowering the bar should never be the answer to this type of problem.


Falling State Rankings

A decline in an enrollment and plummeting performance in the classroom isn't just something being discussed in our community—State experts have caught on and our school rankings bare that out.


Lowered Academic Standards

Controversial Curriculum and Technologies 

At times, the current curriculum and technology usage has replaced foundational academic knowledge with political values, attitudes and beliefs. Much of the current curriculum being used is politically-charged, controversial, inappropriate for the grade level they are introduced to. Using apps like BrainPop, divisive and racist ideology is introduced into classrooms beginning in kindergarten.

Brain Pop.PNG

My approach is that one cannot rely on adults. I teach the kids so that they will educate the adults. I am transferring the responsibility to the children.”

-Dr. Avraham Kadar, BrainPop Founder

Students have unfiltered access to the BrainPOP app, an app that also trains educators to teach lesson plans on CRT, in place of traditional teaching methods.

Controversial Content Interferes with Education

11th Grade HPISD Pick Pronoun Assignment

Political Ideologies should not be in the public education system, period.  Parents and the family unit are being sidelined as the authority for social and emotional learning for their children. 

Untitled design (8).png
Untitled design (8).png
8th Grade HPISD Human Geo Class
11th Grade HPISD History Project

Lucy Calkins Curriculum Pushes Politics & Below Grade-Level Content

Lucy Calkins, a widely discredited reading curriculum is used in K-8 classrooms. This program is banned in Colorado, Arkansas and New York City and was removed from Oakland Schools by the NAACP.


New York Education Chancellor says implementing Units of Study was the biggest regret of his career “…it embraces philosophies of progressive education over traditional instruction.”

— Joel Klein, NY Education Chancellor

Untitled design (8).png
Untitled design (8).png
Locker Room

Lack of Transparency and Accountability

The HPISD Board has been misleading parents and community members about the current state of affairs in Highland Park ISD. They misled voters on enrollment growth, provided no financial accountability or cost analysis in recent school expansion and Golden Pennies Campaign, and misrepresented teacher benefits. HPISD deserves better. HPISD deserves leadership that is accountable, transparent, and fiscally responsible.

growth projections.png
Image by Jeffrey Hamilton


Want to dive deeper into the issues facing our district?  Click below to learn more.

HPISD Deserves Better

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